The Bossman in The Bighouse

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Rules of The Bighouse and disclaimer.

The Bossman’s Rules and disclaimer notice for providing information to help authorities bring fugitives to justice and to help families find closure.

1. Never attempt to apprehend a wanted fugitive featured on The Bossman’s program or any other wanted fugitive you come in contact with. Should you know the location of a wanted fugitive, contact your local police department or other law enforcement agency. The telephone number is located on page one of your telephone book. Attempting to capture a wanted fugitive could result in serious or fatal injury. The Bossman nor KABS Arlington will not be held liable for any injuries you receive should you disobey this rule. Remember, these fugitives are wanted by law enforcement agencies for a reason and it isn’t for their people skills.

2. In the event you decide to take it upon yourself to apprehend a wanted fugitive, refer back to rule number one.

3. Do not contact KABS or The Bossman in regards to information you may have about a crime featured on the program. You should direct all of your inquiries and forward any information you have about a crime to the proper authorities.

4. The Bossman and KABS are not responsible in anyway for any rewards you may be entitled to should you help with a capture or provide a lead in solving any crime. All inquiries concerning rewards should be addressed to the proper authorities or other agencies that are offering the reward for information leading to the capture of a wanted fugitive or information that leads to solving a case.

5. Should you assist in the capture of a fugitive and help put them in the BIG HOUSE or help solve a case featured on the program, let your local police department know and have them contact us. The Bossman and KABS would like to know about it and inform our listeners that we are making a difference in bringing fugitives to justice and helping families find closure.


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