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Monday, March 06, 2006

Serial Killer Wayne Nance and The Case of "The Montana Jane Doe's" (1984-1985)

Wayne Nance is believed to be Montana's only serial killer. On September 4, 1986, Nance met his fate when he broke into the home of Kris and Doug Welles of Missoula, Montana. After a fierce fight, both Kris and Doug managed to over power Wayne Nance where he was shot to death with his own pistol. A search of Nance's home revealed evidence linking him to a series of other murder's in the area to include the mother of his best friend, which Nance committed when he was 19.

His other victim's include our cases today. In addition, hairs found at Nance's home matched those of a Jane Doe found dead in 1984. Police believe this Jane Doe, who went by the name of ROBIN and claimed to be from Texas, was Nance's live-girlfriend for a short time before she was murdered. Even with a clear picture of ROBIN, police still have not been able to identify her.

Police also believe Nance was responsible for Missoula County's second Jane Doe who was found dead a year later in 1985. Both victims were shot in the head.

After twenty years, it's time to help police close out these cases. Click on the web links below, read the case files, look at the pictures and if you have any information about these victims, contact the Missoula County Police Department.

Also, I'd like to thank Kathy Weber of KPAX-TV, Missoula, Montana, for providing the web link below and in contributing to today's program.

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