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Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Disappearance of The Leslie Sisters. Arizona 1974.

Cynthia and Jackie Leslie were last seen walking towards a friends home three blocks away from their own residence in the Desert Sands Mobile Home Park in east Mesa, on July 31, 1974. They had just moved there a month earlier from Page, Arizona, so that their father, who was suffering from terminal cancer, could be closer to the hospital. They told their mother that they were scheduled to babysit, but she learned afterwards that they planned to attend a party. Cindy likely was meeting a boy her father had forbidden her to see. Teenagers who attended the party were questioned and their stories conflicted. One teenager said the sisters did show up at the party; others said they didn't. Neither Cynthia Leslie nor her sister Jackie have been heard from since. In the weeks following the girls' disappearance, family members and sheriff's deputies searched orange groves and cotton fields. These fields have since been replaced by subdivisions, apartments, theaters and stores. Click on the web links below, read the case files and if you have any information about Cynthia and Jackie Leslie, contact you local police.
Cynthia Leslie
Jackie Leslie
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