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Monday, May 08, 2006

"The Franklin Floyd Affair." Texas to Oklahoma. 1973 through 1994.

A mystery in the making that took over 20 years. 32 year old Franklin Floyd abducted a young girl between June 1973 and August 1975 and passed her off as his daughter as he raised her under several aliases in several different states. Over the years, he sexually abused her and took pictures of her from the age of four to pre-teen years engaging in sexually explicit conduct. The unidentified woman graduated from high school in Forest Park, Georgia under the name “Suzanne Davis” in 1986. Later in the year she moved to Phoenix Arizona and began using the alias “Sharon Marshall.” Then moved to Tampa, Florida and using the name Tonya Tadlock, gave birth to a son named Michael Anthony Hughes on March 21, 1988. Using the name Clarence Marcus Hughes, Franklin Floyd married his “daughter” Tonya Tadlock in New Orleans, Louisiana in 1989. A year later in 1990 both Franklin Floyd and his wife/daughter were wanted in connection with a Florida Homicide, but before any legal proceedings could begin, Tonya was killed in a very suspicious hit and run accident where Floyd was allegedly the main suspect, but was never charged. The son, Michael Hughes was placed in foster care. On September 12, 1994, Floyd walked into Michael’s school in Choctaw, Oklahoma and at gun point, forced the school’s principal, James Davis, to take him to Michael’s first grade classroom where they were both kidnapped and drove away in a pickup. Davis was ordered to drive out into the country where Franklin Floyd handcuffed the school principal to a tree and fled with Michael Davis. The principal was rescued five hours later. There was no sign of Floyd until his arrest when he was employed as a painter. During police interviews, Floyd stated that his son, Michael Davis, was alive and living in a foreign country. However, in formerly sealed documents, Floyd allegedly confessed to three people including his sister that he drowned Michael in a motel bathtub possibly somewhere in Georgia. A check of missing person’s databases has turned up no leads as to Tonya’s true identity. To add to the mystery of the case, earlier blood tests concluded that Franklin Floyd was not Michael Davis’ biological father. Floyd his currently serving a 52 year prison sentence for kidnapping Michael.
Unidentified Woman
Michael Hughes

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