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Monday, July 17, 2006

"The Chandler Affair." Ohio. 2002

Originally posted on February 21, 2006.
In 1979 this unidentified man walked away from his life and assumed the name of Joseph Newton Chandler III. A young boy who was killed in a car accident in Sherman, Texas in December 1945. From that time, the man who called himself "Chandler" was employed as an electrical engineer and lived in Ohio until he committed suicide in July 2002. The medical examiner concluded that he would have soon died from colon cancer. Despite their best efforts, the police still have not been able to identify him. Click on the web site below, see his picture, read the case file and help the police close out this case.
Myths, rumors and theories to put to rest.

1. If this individual had been involved in Los Angles' the Black Delihla murder, he would have been around 8 to 10 years old.
2. There is no evidence linking this individual to D.B. Cooper, the famous hijacker.
3. There is no evidence linking this individual as being any one of the Alcatraz escapees.
4. MOST IMPORTANT--Thanks to DNA testing, police have confirmed that the man who called himself Joseph Newton Chandler III is NOT The Zodiac Killer. In fact, the police have no evidence that he committed any crime before or after assuming the Chandler identity in 1979.
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Blogger Goldhunter27 said...

As far I know NO DNA from Joseph Newton Chandler was run against the DNA of the Zodiac killer. Being that his body was cremated soon after his death. The only thing that remains is his dental records, that is it (they didn't even recover any usable fingerprints from his apt). I have been in contact with the Eastlake Police Dept and nothing was ever mentioned about DNA testing as they had none to test.

3:20 PM  
Blogger Goldhunter27 said...

Update: I just spoke to someone about the DNA and confirmed what I already knew. Either you are very misinformed or a liar, I hope it's not the latter.

7:55 PM  

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