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Tuesday, January 30, 2007



Thirty-five year old Ben Bluavelt was wanted in connection with the murder of Indiana college professor Maurice Lam back in 1991. Blauvelt was captured during a routine traffic stop in San Antonio, Texas in August 2006 when he made an improper u-turn in the car he was driving. Blauvelt produced an Indiana driver's license that had expired in 1994. Police learned that he had been working at a construction site and was being paid in cash. Blauvelt was extradited back last December 2006 and his trial is set for May15.

Ben S. Blauvelt


In December 2006, a patient at Lake Charles Memorial Hospital in Louisiana raised a red flag for Mark Monteilh, a social worker. With the help of Dr. Tim Miller, they were able to determine that the 67 year old man they had as a patient was Gary Lee St. John from Reno, Nevada who was wanted on 28 counts of child molestation. St. John had suffered a stroke and couldn't speak. The fugitive was one of the child predators featured on the Oprah show as well as on America's Most Wanted. Montielh and Dr. Miller met with Oprah on her show and were surprised to learn of the $100,000 dollar reward she offered. Both men each received $50,000 dollars.

Gary Lee St. John

Though "The Bossman in The Bighouse" and KABS Arlington were not responsible for their captures, we are still happy to pass on the good news to our listeners.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Hey Gang,Just talked to Kenny, the program director and all round good guy at The American Broadcasting School in Arlington. I'll be back on the air NEXT WEEK for about an hour or two. Stay tuned as I'm going to feature some cold cases, but I'll tell you about the capture of a fugitive law enforcement has been looking for for 15 years and a solve case.

And also coming up soon, I'm going to have an interview with a man whose father disappeared back in 1967.

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